The PawPrint July 2020

Arlington Animal Services

The PawPrint July 2020 # DreamBigArlingtonPets

Shelter Happenings

AAS Operations : Amid rising numbers of Covid-19 , and for the safety of shelter guests and employees , Arlington Animal Services is currently operating by appointment only . Pet adoption appointments can be made Monday-Friday from 10am- 6pm and Saturday from 10am-4pm by calling 817-575-8128 . Pet adoption fees have been reduced to $ 50 until further notice . You can view all adoptable pets at www . arlingtontx . gov / adoptablepets . Drop off Stray animal appointments can be made during regular business hours by calling 817-459-6156 . Free Cat Spay / Neuter clinics are cancelled until further notice . Please refer to www . arlingtontx . gov / tnr Volunteer Program : Approved volunteers are welcome to come to the shelter , but are required to sign up via the volunteer portal , for a specific shift prior to coming to the shelter . We have a variety of positions and shift slots available throughout the day . Shelter staff and animals appreciate the dedication of our volunteers who work daily to help make a difference at Arlington Animal Services . If you are interested in joining our volunteers or if you are interested in fostering animals from our shelter , orientations are available online ! We encourage anyone interested in joining to visit , www . arlingtontx . gov / animalvolunteer . VIP Recipes for a VIP Cause : We are so excited to announce a new cookbook featuring favorite family recipes for humans and pets ! Each page will feature a different recipe like peach muffins , cheesy meatloaf , southern cornbread , and potato chip cashew cookies and info about a beloved family pet ! Cookbooks will be printed and available in the coming weeks . All donations made from the cookbook will go directly to support VIP Pets at AAS !

In Case You Missed It ...

Snuffle mats are the latest craze with our shelter animals ! They are the newest enrichment item , personally handcrafted by our Golden Paws Volunteers . Snuffle mats help stimulate the animals minds while searching for treats or catnip toys ! To make a snuffle mat for our shelter animals or for your pets at home , follow these simple steps :
SUPPLIES NEEDED : 1 Rubber sink mat ( approx . 12 " by 15 " is perfect for medium size dogs ). You can find these mats in the kitchen department of most stores or by ordering them online . You will also need approximately 1.5 yards of fleece material ( How much you need depends on the size of the strips you cut ). MAKING THE MAT : Cut the fleece into 1 " x 7 " strips ( the size of the strips can vary ) You will need as many strips as there are holes in your mat . Double knot the strips in the holes of your mat until all holes are fulled . Hide your pets food or favorite treats in the snuffle mat and let the fun begin !