The PaddlerUK magazine September 2015 issue 4 | Page 2

Contents Surf Snowdonia Photo:Tim Thomas - Editor Peter Tranter [email protected] Tel: (01480) 465081 Mob: 07411 005824 Advertising sales Anne Egan Tel: (01480) 465081 [email protected] Cover Biluti River, Russia by Tomass Marnics Not all contributors are professional writers and photographers, so don’t be put off writing because you have no experience! PaddlerUK magazine is all about paddler to paddler dialogue: a paddler’s magazine written by paddlers. Next issue is Nov 2015 with a deadline of submissions on Oct 10th. Technical Information: Contributions preferably as a Microsoft Word file with 1200-2000 words, emailed to [email protected]. Images should be hi-resolution and emailed with the Word file or if preferred, a Dropbox folder will be created for you. PaddlerUK magazine encourages contributions of any nature but reserves the right to edit to the space available. Opinions expressed in this magazine are not necessarily those of the publishing parent company, 2b Graphic Design Limited. The publishing of an advertisement in PaddlerUK magazine does not necessarily mean that the parent company, 2b Graphic Design Limited, endorse the company, item or service advertised. All material in The PaddlerUK magazine is strictly copyright and all rights are reserved. Reproduction without prior permission from the editor is forbidden.