The Orchards Newsletter April Newsletter 2020

APRIL 2020 ISSUE 04 THE ORCHARDS MONTHLY NEWSLETTER OF THE ORCHARDS COMMUNITY POTTERS PENPAL PROGRAM East Liverpool City Schools are partnering with The Orchards to create the Potters Penpal Program. The three P’s allows for our residents to meet a child through their letters and build a bridge over an intergenerational gap. Our residents received over 50 letters from elementary children from all age ranges. Some of these letters included drawings and others included a photograph of themselves. All letters were met with a smile! In each letter, a child introduces themselves, telling of their favorite color, about sisters and brothers, their favorite pet and of best friends. As all children do, the questions quickly followed. The Orchards’ residents partner with a staff member to create a return letter. What does a 7 year old have in common with a 75 year old? You might be surprised, even though they are at opposite ends of the age spectrum... Cont. Page 1 IN THIS ISSUE Potters Penpal Birthdays Facetime P.2 P.3 Upcoming Events COVID- 19 P.1 P.5 P.4