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WELCOME The PRESIDENT’S VIEW Dear OPs, A very warm welcome to the latest edition of the OP magazine. I regard it as an honour and a privilege to be your President, having taken over from Andrew Wilson (89-99) in November last year. I would like to thank Andrew for his commitment and leadership during his three-year tenure, and to all the committee members for their enthusiasm and support. Of course, the Association would not be in such a strong position were it not for the outstanding work of Rachel Dare, ably assisted by Leanne Maycock, in the OP office, so a massive “thank you” from me to them on behalf of us all. Whilst on the subject of thanking people, I must mention Malcolm Milne (55-62), who “retired” from organising cricket matches and the summer south coast tour for Pocklington Pixies after an involvement spanning 50 years. A special “cricketers’ dinner” was held last year in Malcolm’s honour. Last, but definitely not least, congratulations for former teacher (and one of my non-resident tutors in School House) Darrell Buttery, who was awarded an MBE in the New Year’s Honours List for his services to heritage in York (he is also a Governor of Pocklington School). Two significant events during this academic year have been the launch of the Pocklington School Foundation Careers and Business Network and the official opening of the new Art and Design Technology Centre (or “DC3”, as special guest OP Steven Kyffin 70-77 affectionately called it!). In recent years, through the OP office, a number of younger OPs and sixth form students have been able to link up with more experienced OPs in specific career sectors for insight visits, work experience, or simply for advice and support. OP undergraduates have been able to assist university applicants with information about the quality of courses at different institutions. This engagement and willingness to help one another, is at the heart of the OP community, and opportunities will grow over the coming years as we join forces with the wider school community through the Network; if you haven’t already joined it, please do so. A staggering £2million was raised to build and equip the Art and Design Technology Centre, taking the opportunity for creativity to a new level. Undoubtedly, it will benefit Pocklington students for many years to come. I know that many OPs generously contributed to the fundraising campaign: a sincere “thank you” for your support. Since becoming President, at the time of writing I have attended a sold-out London dinner, informal drinks events at Newcastle, Leeds and London, the annual Boxing Day rugby match between Pocklington RUFC and the OPs (superbly contested and supported), the Good Friday Sevens (in which both OP teams did well to reach the quarter-finals), the annual golf day, the Summer Reunion and OP tennis. These indicate the vibrancy of the Association, as do the following: I enjoyed a drink (or two!) with the upper sixth form leavers after their final day at school; I enjoyed meeting up with some of our more senior members at the ‘Dinosaur Club’ luncheon in Wetherby, and look forward to meeting a mix of ages at the London dinner on 23 November. Please do keep in touch, let us know your news, and any offers of careers or other support would be most gratefully received. Let’s maintain the strength of the Association and the “spirit of Pock”! Best wishes to you all, Trevor Trevor Loten (70-80) President, Old Pocklingtonian Association The Old OPA COMMITTEE OP ELECTED President: Trevor Loten (Teaching staff and OP 70-80) Vice President: James Sweeting (81-88) Treasurer: Eszti Pontone (née Gyarmati, 95-97) Caroline Dale (93-02) Joan Gough (née Sawyer, 75-77) Sarah Gough (96-07) Charlie Lambert (01-08) Tom Nash (68-77) Co-opted: Steven Kyffin (70-77) Co-opted: Richard Skowrenek (99-10) SCHOOL APPOINTED Mark Ronan (Headmaster) Rachel Dare (OP Liaison Officer, OPA Secretary) Phil Donaldson (Teaching staff) Lucy Hornby (Teaching staff and OP 02-04)) EX OFFICIO Andrew Wilson (89-99, immediate Past President) AGM 2018 POCKLINGTONIAN CAN YOU TELL A MAN BY HIS SHOES? Find out from ‘Old Sole’ shoemaker Louis Smith ELECTION OF THE COMMITTEE AND A NEW OP PRESIDENT The Annual General Meeting of the Old Pocklingtonian Association will take place on Thursday 15 November 2018, 7.00pm to 8.00pm in the Gruggen Room at Pocklington School. During the meeting, the committee will be elected for the forthcoming year. All OPs are welcome to attend the AGM and/or stand for election. Please make your intentions known in advance of the meeting if possible by contacting Rachel in the OP Office. Nominations for election to the committee should be sent to Rachel as soon as possible. MENTAL HEALTH IN THE WORKPLACE Solicitor Jodie Hill tackles the issue The roles of the different brand elements: logos 2017 2018 Pocklington Prep School Refreshments will be available at the meeting and all are welcome. The agenda is as follows: • Apologies • Minutes of last AGM • President’s Report • Secretary’s Report • Treasurer’s Report and approval of accounts • Nomination and election of committee • AOB (A copy of the OP annual accounts is available upon request). PLUS: CAREERS, PERSONALIA, ARCHIVES AND MORE School Coat of Arms Pocklington School is a modern 21st century institution where our long history and rich sense of tradition remains a hugely valuable asset. This school identity is used to identify and market the Prep School. It takes a wheatsheaf from the Coat of Arms as its symbol to reflect the connection with our past and is used across all external and internal communications. Pocklington School (and Sixth Form) This school identity is used to identify and market the Senior School and Sixth Form. It takes a wheatsheaf from the Coat of Arms as its symbol to reflect the connection with our past and is used across all external and internal communications. Our Coat of Arms has been redrawn to better meet the modern methods of communication, but used with care on our materials, it is an attractive and highly effective visual device for linking past and present. COVER STORY Note: We also have a single colour outline version (right) that can be used in place of the full colour Coat of Arms (See page 5 for more details). Pocklington School Foundation The Foundation logo represents the administrative side of the School and therefore has limited use but can provide an endorsement to dual or single school communications. 2 The OP featured on the front cover of this year’s magazine is Louis Smith (99-10) , a York-based shoemaker who designs and produces handmade, made-to measure shoes. Read more about him on page 9. Photo credit: Yorkshire Post Newspapers, picture James Hardisty.