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DEATHS AND OBITUARIES DEATHS AND OBITUARIES OBITUARIES suddenly just six months after retiring. He leaves his wife, Catherine, and three children. (Adapted from news-and-events/news/december-2017/sad-death- of-bloxham-school-colleague.html) We regret to announce the passing of the following OPs and we extend our sympathy to their families and friends: Timothy M Barker (53-59), of Chislehurst, Kent, 6 February 2017, aged 75. Julian Berry (87-93, former teacher of maths), of Oxfordshire, 17 December 2017. Tristan Berthoud (80-83), of York, July 2017, aged 53. William Henry (Harry) Campbell (36-44), of Darlington, 8 December 2017, aged 91. Richard Gerald Capper (55-60), of Pollokshields near Glasgow, 23 September 2017, aged 75. James Michael Butterfield Carr (44-51), of Grimsby, 26 August 2017, aged 83. Paul Chambers (Former Staff 72-94), of Cockermouth, Cumbria, 11 July 2018, aged 73. Gerald Ian Chatham (36-42), of Poole, Dorset, 24 August 2018, aged 94. G James (Jim) Coates (59-65), of Victoria, British Columbia, 18 March 2018, aged 69. Dereck I Dennington (54-60), of Pocklington, 8 October 2017, aged 74. Mark Eastaugh (78-88), of York, 16 May 2017, aged 47. Brian Foster (53-60), of Woodbridge, Suffolk, 18 January 2018, aged 76. Roger Henry Hartley (38-45), of Sutton Coldfield, 1 November 2016, aged 88. John Patrick Hastie (53-60), of Kiplingcoates, 16 March 2018, aged 74. Timothy M Barker OBE (53-59) went to Sandhurst after Pocklington and then joined the Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. He saw active service in Malaya, Borneo, Brunei and Sarawak. He also served more peacefully in Germany and Gibraltar. Tim was awarded the OBE in 1985 for organising the Queen’s visit to York. He subsequently commanded the 7th Battalion of the Light Infantry based in Durham. After leaving the Army in 1988, he settled in the Southeast and embarked on a second career in security working for Philip Morris and then establishing his own security company. He was married to Tris and had two daughters and five grandchildren. The large congregation at a packed Chislehurst church was a measure of his popularity. (Tris Barker) Matthew John Hawker (79-81), of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, 8 December 2017, aged 52. Mike married Eileen in 1958; they had three children and he was a very proud grandpa to their four grandchildren. Mike looked forward to his holidays, initially caravanning where he enjoyed walking and very proudly (over the years) completed all of the 214 Wainwright peaks. They then progressed to holidays abroad. When not at work, Mike liked spending time in his garden. He was a well-known and respected mason who enjoyed a full and varied masonic career. Michael Hirst (51-56), of Doncaster, 23 March 2018, aged 80. David Hugh Hodgson (42-46), of Blackpool, 21 December 2017, aged 87. John V Horner (48-58), of Banbury Oxfordshire, April 2017, aged 77. Richard William Horsley (48-52), of Fridaythorpe, Driffield, 18 January 2018, aged 80. Robert Graham Inchboard (65-69), of Tollerton, York, 16 February 2018, aged 66. Costas Leonidas Koullis (69-72), of Ashford, February 2017, aged 63. (Jay Wall, née Carr) John Hugh Loftus (47-54), of Holme on Spalding Moor, 12 September 2018, aged 80. Reverend Canon Michael Long (45-50), of Cromer, Norfolk, 28 August 2018, aged 86. Peter Hirst Radcliffe (47-54), of Winchester, 3 October 2017, aged 81. Trevor Redhead (45-51), of Thirsk, 11 September 2017, aged 83. David Southwell (39-44), of Driffield, 18 July 2018, aged 90. Justin Edward John Twelftree (78-83), of London, 15 March 2018, aged 52. James Gordon Watt (40-48), of Cape Town, South Africa, February 2018, aged 88. 24 James Michael Butterfield Carr (44-51), known as Mike, was born in Leeds before moving to Driffield, attending the local primary school and then Pocklington School. He qualified as a doctor at Edinburgh University (1951-57) and completed his National Service (1958-60) with the Royal Army Medical Corps in Oswestry. From 1960 to 1969 he then moved into public health work before moving to healing and becoming a GP and partner in the Roxton Practice where he quickly progressed to senior partner before taking his retirement in 1994. Mike’s colleagues and patients remember him as a dedicated ‘traditional’ GP, who was well liked and respected by them all. Julian Berry (Former Staff, 87-93) joined Pocklington in 1987 to teach mathematics. He was also involved in many extra-curricular activities and was a talented violinist. He moved from Pocklington in 1993 to join Bloxham School as Head of Maths where he remained for 24 years. As with Pocklington, he embraced school life with great enthusiasm and kindness, getting fully involved in wider school activities from Duke of Edinburgh to badminton. After his retirement in July 2017, he continued to work at Bloxham in a part-time capacity, taking responsibility for the school timetable, as well as pursuing his interests outside of work. Julian died Paul Stuart Chambers (Former Staff, 72- 94). Very occasionally in our lifetime, we come across someone outside our immediate family who encourages us to follow a path we might not otherwise have taken. For me, Paul Chambers was such a person. I first met Paul in my fifth form at Pocklington when he taught me French and German. Until my O-level year, I had seriously been considering studying sciences in the sixth form (and university). Having travelled a lot in Europe as a teenager, I had become quite competent at languages but had never really considered it as a potential degree course until I met Paul. Paul ‘championed’ languages. He didn’t just