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SOCIAL AND REUNIONS LE ED S DR INK S The first OP Leeds Drinks event was held on Wednesday 21 March 2018 at the Lazy Lounge Bar at West Point. The informal format worked really well with 23 OPs, guests and Pocklington School staff joining OP President, Trevor Loten (70-80) at the event. E U N IO N SUMMER R 2 0 18 Sixty OPs, staff and guests came for lunch and enjoyed archive visits, school tours or playing for the OP teams in the annual cricket and tennis fixtures. A particular highlight of the tour this year, was a visit to the new Art & Design Centre. There were reunions for the ’78 (40 years), ’68 (50 years) and ’58 leavers (60 years). SHOUT OUT TO 1980/78 LEAVERS A year group reunion is proposed for 1980 sixth form and 1978 fifth form leavers in summer 2020 marking the 40th anniversary since most of the year group left the school. The reunion will be in York but date and venue have yet to be chosen and will depend on the numbers attending. Contact either David Agar or Jon Gregory through the school or the Facebook group if you would like to come along. It would be great to see you. Please also pass the message along the line to other year group members with whom you might be in touch but have dropped out of sight. Thank you. Jon Gregory Gruggen (1975-1978) 161 NOT OUT! AUST RALIA N REUN ION Australia based OPs Roger Dutton (47-55) and Brian Haigh (51-55) got together in Brisbane on 15 June 2018. Their respective ages are 80 (Roger) and 81 (Brian). They send their regards to any OPs who remember them! E U N IO N 25 YEAR R ‘9 3 CLASS OF In May 2018, Andrew Rose (86- 93) organised a 25 year reunion for the class of ’93. A visit back to Pocklington with drinks followed by curry was the order of the day for over 20 OPs who attended. keep in touch JOIN THE OLD POCKLINGTONIAN ASSOCIATION GROUP ON FACEBOOK 23