The Old Pocklingtonian 2015/16 | Page 3

WELCOME The PRESIDENT’S VIEW Dear OPs, Welcome to the latest edition of the Old Pocklingtonian magazine. A publication designed to keep you up to date with all things OP. Even a brief glance at these pages will confirm that we have had yet another busy year of events and reunions and we have welcomed another 60 or so new members into the fold – those most recent school leavers. I attended at school on 27 May to introduce myself to the, then, current Upper Sixth formers and to welcome them to the Association. I have done this for the last four or five years. Although the faces change, and look younger year after year, what does not change is the quality of the people that the school produces. That quality has not changed from my time and I hazard a guess that it has not from yours. The overall impressions that I gain about these young people is of politeness, confidence, intelligence and self-awareness – some fantastic traits with which to be stepping into the world. We have recruited well this year! I look forward to seeing how they progress in the future. I hope that we as an association can offer one and all of them any assistance that they may require, over and above that provided by parents and tertiary education. Please consider donating a small amount of time to the mentor scheme that we have set up. I promise that it will be time well spent. We have seen some slight changes to the OP Committee again this year. Work commitments have meant that Sophie Guest (03-10) has left us and after some good years of service; Duncan Goodyear (80-85) and Caroline Dale (92-02) also step down. Duncan has been instrumental in organising the London events for many years and they have been some of the best attended and most enjoyable events that we have hosted. I offer my sincere thanks to him for being such a stalwart. Caroline has been invaluable and has worked tirelessly to place our accounts in as strong a position as is possible. She has also provided a great amount of support to me; she will be sadly missed. I hope that this is not the last that we see of her. As we are all now well aware, we should not denigrate people for leaving! We have some great replacements in Hannah Farmer (97-04) who joins after moving back to York. That deals with adding energy. Richard Skowrenek (99-10) will come in as our London ambassador. Very few people enjoy a black tie event more than him, so I am looking forward to his contribution in that regard. And Eszti Pontone (née Gyarmati, 95-97) comes in as Treasurer – with Caroline’s endorsement. That is good enough for me. After many years of organising our sporting teams, Henry Mitchell (91-02) has also stepped aside. Charlie Lambert (01-08) has done a great job as understudy and we have had some very competitive fixtures recently. My thanks to Henry. The number one rule of alumni groups is engagement. We are always thinking of new ways to connect with members. We will be launching some informal drinks receptions in our more wellpopulated university towns; just a meet and greet and a great and informal way to meet with old friends. Our attendance at York Races in May was well received and the usual dinners at Leeds and London will take place as before. There has even been talk of doing a team Tough Mudder – if we get ten entrants, I promise to don a sweat band and enter! If you have any ideas for reunions or events, then please do contact us; even if it is just to get the contact for your year group; we can be involved as much or as little as you wish. I do hope that some of you managed to attend the Summer Reunion on 3rd July. This is one of the most enjoyable days in my view. It is child-friendly and a great opportunity to show your family around the school and to share some memories with them. I apologise for not being in attendance personally. I was at the wedding of an old school friend (Amy Rook) along with a vast number of OPs. Anyone who has been to a Rook party will understand why I was unwilling to miss it! I look