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Salvete OKJCL,

I am happy to be here in the position i am today putting out the final OklaRoman of my term. This has been an incredible experience for me and my fellow officers. We had an amazing time putting together fall forum which it'd like to say was a huge success for everyone involved. State convention will be just as incredible as it has been and i know that the up incoming leaders of the okjcl will continue to lead the delegation in the same incredible and fun way our board has this year. This Issue of the OklaRoman will be one of the best OKJClL newsletters to date and i know that my predecessors will continue to grow this newsletter into a bigger and better place. I hope that from my term onward that the second VPs that follow me will put out even better news letters than i have and i hope to grow the community so much more through my example and the examples of those that will follow me

Curate et valeatis, Cole Kuykendall 2nd VP

Letter From Editor