The OklaRoman | Page 9

Salvete omnes! We had a great year here at the Oklahoma Purple and Gold, and I am so incredibly honored to have been a part of it. The friendly hand of the JCL is certainly no myth- I've made friends from all over the country (shoutout to William from Chicago!). I was asked to write this as a farewell, however I can promise you, this isn't goodbye. You will see me running for SCL in a few years, and I will forever be indebted and in service to the Junior Classical League for all of the wonderful years it has given me. I never want to forget a single one of you, and if you want to keep in touch, come find me and ask for some contact info.

See you next year! And the year after that, and the year after that.....

Yours. TRULY yours.

-Stella Davis