The OJCL Torch Fall 2020 | Page 9

1. Her origin story

All the best gods have a sick origin story, for example, Minerva was born from Jupiter’s forehead after he swallowed her mom, Metis. However, Venus’s was less admirable. She was born from the foam that came from the blood of Uranus that fell into the sea after Cronus sliced and diced him. In case you didn’t know, Uranus was all around a bad guy (you can ask Gaea if you need more details) and therefore my logic is that good cannot be born from pure evil. And based on her behavior, I would say that Venus is not even pleasant.

2. Her infidelity

Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, does not seem to be as beautiful on the inside. She was married to Vulcan, the god of metalworking and fire. This means she must’ve had the most beautiful wedding ring because it was handmade, but that's not the point. And perhaps I have a soft spot for the often overlooked and underrated Vulcan, but her infidelity to him bothered me extremely. Vulcan just seems like an overall good guy but Venus betrayed him multiple times, with both gods and mortals. She even had kids with Mars who, I kid you not, were the gods of fear and terror. It is off-putting to me that the goddess of love is not setting a good example of how to love someone, and is not showing that true beauty must pervade one's whole self, including the inside.

3. She’s an overall jerk

Something as special and wonderful as love and beauty should not be overseen by a jerk. Throughout the myths in which she appears she is manipulative, selfish, and cruel, often playing on people's desires for her own achievement or amusement. I can find redeeming qualities in most of the gods but for Venus I can come up with none.