The OJCL Torch Fall 2020 | Page 21



Let's follow the lead of these Latin clubs to have a fabulous and fun socially-distanced fall!

for a knit tunic! The Romans wore wool tunics and coats over their togas when it started getting cold outside, and luckily for us, the draped fit is very in this season.

Next, skip Starbucks this year in favor of some homemade (non-alcoholic) mulsum. Why risk getting the Coronavirus from your barista when you could enjoy a warm, sweet, and historically-significant drink instead? Though mulsum was originally made of heated red wine and honey, replace the wine with milk and pumpkin puree for an extra-tasty Roman remix of the PSL.

Lastly, tide yourself over before Halloween with Cerealia, a harvest holiday celebrated in early October. Even though we can’t have parades and concerts like the Romans did, there’s nothing wrong with listening to the Aeneid in your backyard and eating some cereal in honor of Ceres herself.