The OJCL Torch Fall 2020 | Page 15


Out of style. If we think about it, most Nordic mythology originates from one gloriously messed up and mostly lost text: the Poetic Edda. However, at our disposal is also the beautifully wide and varied mythology of the Romans, so full of content that we have many contradicting myths. So to keep up with the times, why not get rid of the obscure Nordic names and return them to their original state of Roman names? Make Friday, once Freya’s Day, Venus’ Day, and return Saturday to Saturn’s Day.

Roman pantheon. Since Norse mythology is falling out of favor, reverting back to the original names shouldn’t be such a problem, right? It’s just like the Renaissance, where the Classics and returning to them was such a revered concept.

Clarity. Moon Day (now shortened to Monday) and Sunday were originally meant for our favorite twin gods Apollo and Diana, but the moon and sun are symbols of many other gods and goddesses. Thus, to make it obvious that these days are for them, revert them back to Apollo’s Day and Diana’s Day.