The NJ Police Chief Magazine - Volume 29, Number 3 - Page 24

Ask the Physician

The New Jersey Police Chief Magazine | November 2022
My cholesterol keeps inching up . Right now I am trying to maintain my levels with diet and exercise , but am worried about getting through the holidays . Everywhere I go someone will be serving cake and cookies and huge meals . I really don ’ t want to gain 10 pounds in the next few weeks . Any tips ? Jonathan , Eastampton
Jonathan , I feel you and hear your concerns . Many people struggle this time of year trying to find equilibrium between enjoying the holidays , and staying within their healthy goals . If you are doing the cooking , you can control what is served , and I ’ ve suggested some ways in the accompanying article . If , however you are visiting , that can be tougher .
People today are getting more accustomed to “ food requests ”. For example , there are vegetarians , vegans , gluten-free , and lactose intolerant people on special diets who don ’ t hesitate to tell people before they visit , so if you are comfortable making a special food request , by all means go for it . If however , you don ’ t want to focus on your own specific diet , you can help yourself by offering to bring a low-fat dish or vegetable side , and while at the event , hard as it sounds , try to limit yourself to smaller portions on the sides and desserts .
Be your own cheer leader . You don ’ t want to backtrack and lose all the ground that you have gained by focusing on healthy eating . You CAN do this . Just do everything in moderation .
Renee Bullock-Palmer , MD Cardiologist Deborah Heart and Lung Center