The NJ Police Chief Magazine - Vol. 28, Number 4 - Page 15

Ask the Physician

The New Jersey Police Chief Magazine | December 2021
I ’ ve been feeling pretty stressed and overwhelmed lately , and I ’ ve been eating on the run a lot . Any advice ? John N ., Neptune
John , if I could give one health tip I ’ d say , start walking !
As little as 30 minutes a day walking at a brisk pace can provide both mental and physical benefits . Walking helps reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke , improves blood pressure and blood sugar levels , helps maintain a healthy weight , reduces the risk of osteoporosis , and gives a boost to your mental well-being .
Feeling happier and enjoying being fit – as well as looking better – are great benefits of walking ! It doesn ’ t cost anything , is easy to do every day , and doesn ’ t require special equipment or warm-ups . And , if the weather is bad you can march at home to music or even in front of your TV .
At Deborah Heart and Lung Center , not only do we encourage our patients to walk every day if possible , our staff does too . Everyone needs to move a little and give themselves a mental break .
Good luck with finding your focus again . A little bit of moving now might go a long way to getting through the holidays .
For more information , www . DemandDeborah . org , or call 855-646-3484 .
S . Justin Szawlewicz , MD Cardiologist Deborah Heart and Lung Center