The NJ Police Chief Magazine - Vol. 28, Number 4 - Page 14

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The New Jersey Police Chief Magazine | December 2021
HEALTH TIP : Rewarding New Year ’ s Resolutions
It ’ s hard to believe 2022 is right around the corner !
In the midst of this year ’ s holiday season , Deborah Heart and Lung Center urges you to be mindful . It is much easier to put the pounds on , then to take them off ! If however you find that you have been over indulging , here are few tips to help make New Year ’ s Resolutions much easier .
Don ’ t Make Overwhelming Promises to Yourself
You will only be disappointed if you tell yourself that you are going to make radical changes that will profoundly impact your health . While it ’ s true that some people can make serious resolutions , follow through with them , and have outstanding results , the majority of us have to move at a more manageable pace .
Our advice is you make simple changes that you can incorporate into daily living that will have a positive impact on your health , your peace of mind , and your outlook on life .
Starting Small Can Add Up to Big Benefits Here are some tried and true tips that can have a tremendous impact on your health and well-being :
· Go for a walk every day -- and think about adopting a shelter dog to walk with you , or find a walking buddy . Both options make the walk much more enjoyable , and something to look forward to , rather than a chore .
· Try portion control when eating meals and put those leftovers in the refrigerator before you eat , to prevent having a second helping .
· Get on a solid sleep schedule , aiming for eight hours of sleep each night .
· Turn off your phone when enjoying meals with family or friends .
· Give yourself an extra 15 minutes in the morning to prepare and eat a good breakfast , like eggs , oatmeal with fruit , or a smoothie .
· Add more exercise to your day by taking the stairs and walking the longer route by parking further from the front door of a store when you go shopping .
· Make healthy exchanges when you can -- try soy or almond milk for dairy , and brush on coconut or olive oil instead of butter and margarine .
· Tackle that bookmarked project which caught your eye .
Start Now , Don ’ t Wait for the New Year
If you know in the back of your mind that you ’ re going to have to “ do something ” when the New Year rolls around , why wait ? Be more mindful of what you are eating now , slim down the portions , and don ’ t hang around the dessert table .
And whatever you decide to do , stay positive ! Lowering stress and having a better attitude are keys to a successful health and wellness program . Pamper , love , and celebrate who you are !
For more information , visit www . DemandDeborah . org or call 855-646-3484 .