The NJ Police Chief Magazine - Vol. 28, Number 3 - Page 7

From the NJSACOP Archives … November
The New Jersey Police Chief Magazine | November 2021
1912 The NJSACOP Monthly State Chiefs Meeting for November 1912 was held in Perth Amboy , NJ . It was regularly moved and seconded that
We tender our services to Pres . -Elect Wilson , as a guard of honor on the day of his inauguration at Washington , members to be in full uniform , a committee consisting of Chiefs Monahan , Keily , and Gallagher to be appointed with power to make the necessary arrangements , resolution carried .
1913 At the monthly State Meeting , Princeton Chief William Kilfoil extended an invitation to all members of the Association to attend the Yale-Princeton football game to be held at Princeton . It was regularly moved , seconded and adopted that Chief Kilfoil ’ s invitation be accepted .
President Woodrow Wilson
Chief William Kilfoil Princeton Borough PD
1924 At the monthly NJSACOP Chiefs Meeting , Chief Dolan spoke on the “ various ways and mean of the smaller towns in handling of the heavier Sunday traffic …”
So that it is held up causing blocks and drivers taking chances to get to the head of lines and in some cases where two and possibly three lines can be made they are kept to just one line each way and if members know of these conditions in these towns .
A committee was appointed consisting of Chiefs Keily , Culliton , Forss , O ’ Neil , and Siccardi to “ adopt a standard of traffic signals , turning , where Officers are stationed and the speeding up of heavy traffic .”
Chief Patrick Dolan Hudson Co . PD
Chiefs Forss , O ’ Neil , and Siccardi
At that same meeting , representatives from the Polton Brothers Company of New York City made a presentation to the members on “ different styles of clubs and bombs as well as a spray system to overcome criminals who are dangerous so [ there is ] no danger to the Officer in making an arrest .”
1928 A Resolution was adopted by the Association stating that “ H . Norman Schwarzkopf be accepted as a member of the New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police , such membership to continue as long as the said H . Norman Schwarzkopf remains Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police .”
1932 The NJSACOP Monthly State Chiefs Meeting for November 1932 was held in Newark , NJ . The regular order of business was suspended “ and dispensed with to usher Dr . Gluckman of Newark , N . J . into the meeting .” Dr . Gluckman addressed the members on the subject of health , “ stressing the importance of healthy men giving the maximum efficiency to a police department , and advocating specialists in the examination of policemen periodically .”
1940 The October 1940 State Chiefs Meeting for was held at the Court House in Newark , NJ . Following adoption of the previous month ’ s minutes , Chief Fred Roff reported that …
J . Edgar Hoover
He had occasion to talk with Jim Egan , J . Edgar Hoover ’ s personal contact man while at San Francisco last month and brought up the matter of Director Hoover ’ s seemingly unsavory attitude towards the members of this association and his refusal speak before our meeting or visit with us on two occasions at our invitation and our understanding that he refused to sit in a meeting on the International because one of our members being an officer , etc . and that in conclusion he seemingly convinced Mr . Egan to some degree that the stories brought to Mr . Hoover were exaggerated and as a result Mr . Egan asked Chief Roff to advise him of the dates of our meetings and that he would speak to the Director and have him come to our meeting . Incidentally , Chief Roff stated , Mr . Kitchin , Special Agent in Charge at Newark until recently transferred , had made a good report of the Chiefs in this association to Mr . Hoover , according to Mr . Egan .
1956 The NJSACOP Monthly State Chiefs Meeting for November 1956 was held at Monoca ’ s Elm Hall in Kearny , NJ . Several letters and other communications to the Association were read , including :
A letter from H . G . Foster , Special Agent in Charge of the FBI ’ s San Francisco office , “ stating how much he regretted leaving New Jersey and the pleasure he had in working with the NJSACOP ….”
A letter from the FBI “ in regard to the five day investigative type of police training schools to be co-sponsored by the NJSACOP and the various and county police chiefs associations with the cooperation of the New Jersey State Police and the FBI . The letter set forth the places and dates in which these schools would be held .”
Chief Eric Mason Cranford PD
2007 The NJSACOP Monthly State Chiefs Meeting for October 1987 was held at Ft . Monmouth . Chief Eric Mason , chairman of the NJSACOP Command & Leadership Program , announced the first event of the new NJSACOP C & L Alumni Association , which would feature a presentation by the Department Chair of the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership at the U . S . Military Academy at West Point .