The NJ Police Chief Magazine - Vol. 28, Number 3 - Page 20

Ask the Physician

The New Jersey Police Chief Magazine | November 2021
I ’ m pretty overweight . I have my annual physical coming up and my doctor asked me to fast for my blood work to check for diabetes . I ’ m only 40 . Isn ’ t that young for diabetes ? Is my doctor just looking to do an unnecessary test ? Jonathan , Forked River
Jonathan , that ’ s a good question . Please note that diabetes isn ’ t necessarily an “ old person ’ s ” disease . It can strike at any time .
Your primary care physician is giving you a thorough and complete check-up , and making sure you don ’ t have pre-diabetes or diabetes is part of that , especially since the age recommendations for overweight people has been lowered for diabetes screenings .
Hopefully your test results will be negative , but it might be a good time to think about dieting and exercise , to help prevent diabetes in the future !
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Navinder Jassil , MD Medical Director Endocrinology & Diabetes Services Deborah Heart and Lung Center