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The New Jersey Police Chief Magazine | November 2021
HEALTH TIP : Keeping Tabs on Diabetes
November is Diabetes Awareness Month , and Navinder Jassil , MD , Endocrinologist and Director of Deborah Heart and Lung Center ’ s Endocrinology & Diabetes Services has some important advice to share .
“ Recently the United States Preventive Services Taskforce issued new screening recommendations ,” for diabetes she said . “ Overweight or obese people aged 35-70 years old should be screened for pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes . The previous recommendation was 40 years old . The lowering of the age recognizes how severe diabetes has become in our country , and how early diagnosis can make a huge impact on a patient ’ s outcomes .”
Pre-diabetes is a serious health condition where your blood sugar levels are higher than normal , but not high enough yet to be diagnosed as type 2 diabetes . According to the CDC , more than 1 in 3 U . S . adults have pre-diabetes — that ’ s 88 million people — but the majority of people don ’ t even know they have it .
Left untreated diabetes can have severe complications , including :
· Cardiovascular disease
· Nerve damage
· Kidney disease
· Eye damage
· Skin conditions and slow-healing wounds
· High blood pressure
· Stroke
· AND , diabetes is a known risk factor for serious complications from COVID-19
Early Warning Signs
Dr . Jassil noted that many people are not even aware they are pre-diabetic , or have diabetes , until they are experiencing serious health problems . “ There are a number of warning signs that should raise a red flag .” These include :
· Thirst
· Increased urination
· Craving sweets
· Not feeling at peak — weakness , brain fog
Small Changes , Big Rewards
The good news , added Dr . Jassil , is that by making small healthy lifestyle changes , it is possible to prevent type 2 diabetes and even reverse your pre-diabetes .
“ Making healthier lifestyle choices – eating better and increasing physical activity – can make a big difference . Keeping tabs on how many carbs you are eating , adding more veggies and protein into your diet , and losing weight are the very best pre-diabetic tactics to follow . If however , you do become diabetic , you should work closely with your doctor to monitor your blood sugar , keep track of your numbers and goals , including your A1C , and if you are prescribed medicine , make sure you take it !”
“ And in keeping with the new recommendations , if you are overweight or obese , you should have a diabetes screening . It is a simple blood test that can really make a difference in preventing diabetes in the future .”
For more information , visit www . DemandDeborah . org or call 855-646-3484 .