The NJ Police Chief Magazine - Vol. 28, Number 3 - Page 17

TO :
All Law Enforcement Officials
B . Sue Fulton , Chair and Chief Administrator
November 9 , 2021
Updated Format for Temporary Vehicle Registration Tags
Starting November 30 , 2021 , the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission will begin issuing new temporary vehicle registration tags , which will include an updated design with several changes to the prior format .
The new temporary tag (“ temp tag ”) will feature these changes :
• Font size of temp tag number is reduced
• Font size of expiry date is increased
• The current bar code is replaced with 2-D bar code ( aka QR code )
• Temp tag text is moved up from the bottom of the form to prevent a plate frame from obscuring expiry date
• The dealership license number and name are added to the customer ’ s temporary registration card
When the QR code is scanned , information will display in the following order :
QR Code Information Temp tag number / expiry date / type of temp Dealership license num / dealership name / temp tag issuance date VIN / make / model
The old format of the temporary registration tag will remain in use until December 29 , 2021 to allow tags issued prior to 7:30 a . m . on November 30 to expire .
After that date , the old format will no longer be considered valid for use on any vehicle .
Please see the second page of this advisory for sample images of the new and old design for temporary vehicle registration tags .