The NewsCastle October 2013

NewsCastle Los Angeles District Vol. 43 No. 11 A monthly publication of the Los Angeles District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers November 2013 LA District helps Luke prepare for F-35 arrival Daniel J. Calderón LUKE AFB, Ariz. – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District is working with Luke Air Force Base to prepare for the arrival of the new F-35 fighter planes which are due to arrive in 2014. Luke will serve as the bed down base for the incoming squadrons. “The Corps has never let us down,” said Tauny Woo, engineering flight chief for Luke AFB. “The relationship with the Roadrunner Resident Office is great. The support we get and the level of personal support makes me feel like a valued customer and user. The team here listens to us and moves to resolve any issues that might come up during a project. It just doesn’t get any better.” The District has four military construction projects currently underway to support the six squadrons which are due to arrive with two MilCon projects about to advertise this coming year, two more under design and three coming this spring for concept development. One project under construction is the Aerial Maintenance Unit #1/Squadron Operations Building project. “This facility is for the storage of aerial maintenance equipment,” said Clinton Griffin, the District’s construction representative for the project who works at the Roadrunner Resident Office on Luke AFB. “We’re at around 80 percent right now.” Griffin said the project, which was originally only the AMU building, now integrates both buildings into one construction assignment which is due for turnover in December. Both buildings are being constructed to meet Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Silver standards as set by the U.S. Green Building Council. The AMU will contain approximately 12,500 square feet of space and the Squad Operations Building will encompass approximately 30,000 square feet. Royce C. Morton, Workers lay in underground utilities for the Academic Training Center the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District is building on Luke Air Force Base. When it is completed, the ATC will enclose 145,000 square feet of training area with an administrative side, which includes a large auditorium, and a simulator side, which includes 12 simulators and associated control facilities for the pilots. (Daniel J. Calderón) uled to take 540 days from start to project manager for the joint venture of the Renew Group and Mason & Hanger, finish; however, Griffin and the rest of the District team worked it down to 365 said the facility is designated as the flagship of its kind since it will be one of days. Royce said Oct. 8 marked 365 days without a recordable accident. the first to go in. “It’s a milestone for us,” he said. “A lot of the items are very specific “All the subcontractors and the Corps to the F-35 program,” Morton said. “The worked together to make it possible.” project is designed to be the tip of the In order to meet such milestones, spear in terms of overall support for the District team members had to engage Air Force program. A lot of the protocol in coordination meetings to meet the we’re using here is being established deadlines for the various construction for the construction methods for future buildings.” The project was originally sched- LUKE AFB from Page 1 -