The New Wine Press vol 26 no 1 September 2017 - Page 6

Vocations Displaying the artwork that will become the peace poles for pbmr Reminder of Ministering With Those on the Margins by Fr. Timothy Armbruster, c.pp.s., Vocation Director “Why a vegetable and a flower garden in the middle of the city?” was the question I asked at our last circle of the week at Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation (pbmr) in Chicago. I know what both Sr. Donna Liette and Sr. Carolyn Hoying would say as they both tend to the gardens, but I was answer- ing from my experience. For four days, beginning Sunday evening July 23rd through Thursday, July 27th, Fr. Steve Dos Santos and I hosted a pbmr Mission/ Discernment. We invited our inquirers to experience firsthand our Precious Blood spirituality. Each day we touched upon a different aspect; everything from Circle, to the vegetable garden, to the peace garden, to the wood shop, to preparing a meal, to the art shop and painting a peace pole. We listened to stories of the youth and mothers as the talking peace was passed. We pulled weeds from the garden beds and walking path. We dug potatoes and planted seed potatoes for the next crop. We shared meals together. Each day we had a different aspect of the ministry of the center that we focused upon and participated in. We began and ended each day with