The New Wine Press vol 26 no 1 September 2017 - Page 10

Province Updates An Authentic C.PP.S. Community Life In the spirit of Saint Gaspar, we are a community which sees, hears, and responds to the cry and call of the Blood of Christ in the world today. United in the bond of charity, our sacred relationship reveals the presence of the trinitarian God among and within each of us. Our community life helps each of us to reach our full potential as missionary disciples and gives witness to the Gospel of Christ. Our mission houses are safe places of dialogue where we value equality and create an atmosphere of trust and joy. Inspired by the open arms and heart of the crucified Christ we are sincerely present to one another and appreciate others as gift while recognizing our broken- ness and need for conversion. Our charism calls us to be reconciled to each other so that we can be a reconciling presence in the world. Marked by the Blood of Christ, our communion impels us to deepen our relationships with one another and our lay associates. We acknowledge living together in mission houses is the ideal promoted in our policies and practices. We recognize there will be exceptions. We challenge ourselves to live our commitment to communion in concrete ways by: • committing ourselves to a simple life style. We live in solidarity with others by putting their needs before our own. • embracing a prayer life which is enriched by the prayers of the Congregation, contem-plation, the sharing of the Word, and the celebration of the Eucharist. • sharing meals together. • engaging in a program of ongoing formation and spiritual renewal. • gathering for house congresses, social, and recreational times. • being hospitable to one another, especially our most vulnerable members, lay associates, and visitors. • devoting time to Congregational events and celebrations. • practicing co-responsibility in sustaining our community life. • developing best stewardship practices of our human and natural resources. 8 • The New Wine Press • September 2017