The New Wine Press vol 26 no 1 September 2017 | Page 13

PBMR: the New Creation The Real Scream by Magdalena Stasiak, pbmr Intern My name is Magdalena. I come from Poland. I ap- preciate my country, but I never feel that Poland is my place in the world. I hope to find this Magdalena Stasiak place someday, so I am open to learning about new cultures and about the world in general. I grew up in a wonderful family. My parents’ love is the most beautiful love I have seen in this world; I always know I am wanted and that my brother and I are the fruits of this beautiful love. I have had a very blessed life. In Poland I studied psychology. As part of my program, I was required to complete an internship. I did not know that my placement would combine everything I had been dreaming about, such as prac- ticing English, spending time in a beautiful place, and experiencing the spirituality of the Precious Blood on another continent. As always, God has taken care of my desires and me. He gave me the opportunity to come to the United States and Chicago’s Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation. I had no idea what my internship would be like or what I would do there, so my travel was full of fear. Fortunately, God is also in America, and put so many wonderful people in my path (espe- cially the c.pp.s. sisters with whom I live!) so that my fears disappeared in the blink of an eye. So what do I do in the Center? I am present and I participate. My responsibility at pbmr is to walk with the people I meet and get to know their way of living, their mentality, and their stories. Therefore, I was entrusted with the most beautiful duty in the world. Before my arrival, I thought that my psychol- ogy background would be helpful in some way and that I would be serving people more than receiving services from others. So when I found myself at pbmr, I felt lost because it was completely the op- posite of what I imagined before I came here. Exactly a month ago I flew to Chicago and now I am already experiencing what I had read and thought about in Poland—living the spiritual life deep in my heart. Many times in my life I heard the answer to this question: “What is the spirituality of the Precious Blood for you?” The most beautiful answer I heard at pbmr this July: “This is the spirituality that gathers people. Those who are more open invite those who have less courage to come.” This remark refreshed my outlook, because I know it’s not just joining the com- munity, but inviting everyone to join in this common path to the most beautiful place of peace and safety. Who are the people who have more courage to in- vite others to this common path? A month ago I would have said they are very well-established Catholics. Today I would say they are all those who have expe- rienced being invited, want- ed, ac cepted. I have personally experienced how the people who get hurt so badly can beautifully invite others. I thought that as a well- established Catholic, coming from a wonderful family, having a psychology background, I would initiate a joint trip down this path. I guess I thought I would be a guide, someone important. I had made my best plan to spend time here and I had specific expectations, and it turned out very differently. I found myself being a psychologist then a patient, student and teacher, sheep and shepherd helper, the continued on page 12 September 2017 • The New Wine Press • 11