The New Wine Press July

The New Wine Press Motivated by the Spirituality of the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ Corrected Art for Page 3 Corrected Art for Front Cover Volume 24 No. 11 July 2015 The Infinite Goodness of God page 4 Living into Gather Send: A Time of Renewal page 5 Love and Encouragement page 6 Making Peace and Justice a Priority page 8 Reconciliation as Honesty with Self page 10 Our Scared Straight Encounter page 11 Fr. Joe Nassal, c.pp.s. speaking at the Installation of the Provincial Council Stay Thirsty, My Friends by Fr. Joe Nassal, c.pp.s., Provincial Director The following is the address from the Provincial Council Installation, June 1, 2015, which was held at Savior Pastoral Center in Kansas City, Kansas. I’m sure many of you are familiar with “the most interesting man in the world.” No, I’m not talking about Brother Daryl Charron—although the Precious Blood Volunteers a few years ago did give him that nickname after spending their orientation week at Precious Blood Center. I’m talking about the character from the Dos Equis beer commercials. The character is a man in his 70s who, according to the voiceover has accomplished many daring exploits in his life. Some of his adventures are feats beyond belief—like wrestling a bear—while others are more offbeat and quirky like, “bowling overhand.” Another time he experiences an “awkward moment” just so he knows what it feels like. Another ad says, “If he were to pat you on your back, you would list it on your resume.” Still another has him surrounded by Tibetan Buddhists as the voice says, “Even monks have something to learn from him.” But there is one scene from the life of the most interesting man in the world that seems particularly appropriate for our province. He discovers the Fountain of Youth but doesn’t drink from it because he wasn’t thirsty. He continued on next page