The mu-ji-man celebrity birth date codes December 2013. VOL. 1 - Page 3

What are the numbers that make up the human being,just like we have different body parts that make us a whole person so too we have different numbers that define us as a complete being. To explain these numbers we turn to the ancient art of numerologywhich assigns a number to our different personality traits.these numbers are all self explainatory so I will not spend anytime with specific detail break down. Hidden behind those big blue eyes are a specific set of numbers that defined who lady Diana was and in some instances still is,her public persona and the duties she was called upon to perform as a member of the british royal family has nothing to do with these numbers,these numbers are unique to her and these are the numbers she as a person lived with on a daily basis. Sometimes the person we see in public is a completely different person in private and we have no ideas the demons these public ly seeming successful people are battling privately, now lets look