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Now it’s time to DO SOME GOOD in 2020 Get involved, give back, and help make a difference by supporting our local nonprofits. A how to get involved, and when their upcoming events are. re you looking for a way to get involved with the community and do some good but don’t know where to start? Do you hear about organizations, but you’re not sure what they do? See fundraisers happening but have no clue where the money goes? Yeah, us too. So we decided to do something to help. Learn as much as you can about the nonprofits in this publication, find one that speaks to you, and get involved. You’ll never regret the good you do for others! Do Some Good, Mobile is here to help bridge the gap between the community and local organizations. There are thousands of nonprofits and community organizations in our area focused on bettering the quality of life for children, teens, single parents, animals, accident victims, the elderly, and everyone in between. We all rely on the help of others at some point in our lives. Find out how you can help these organizations in return. This is not a complete list, but this will help you get started. Inside you will learn about each organization’s mission, what their needs are, Know of an organization that needs to be highlighted in our next Do Some Good, Mobile? Let us know. Email us at dosomegood@ Get out and do some good, Mobile! Mandee and Brooks Conkle Owners, The Mobile Rundown Photo Credit: Noble Lie Studios Your Ultimate Non-Profit Guide   FOUNDATION 328 p. 5 p. 6 p. 7 p. 8 p. 9 p. 10 p. 11 p. 12 p. 13 p. 14 p. 15 p. 16 Mobile p. 17 p. 18 On The Cover Mardi Gras in Bienville Square Original Art Work by Ginger Woechan p. 19 p. 20 p. 21 p. 22 p. 23 Contributors Layout and design by Publications Press, Inc. Edited by Emily Shedd visit | Text “Rundown” to 33222 3