The Mobile Rundown 2020 - Page 12

Story and Mission D og River and its creeks and streams drain most of Mobile, Alabama and serve as important places for families to play and fish. The river is directly affected by the land surrounding it - an urban watershed - that drains into it. At approximately 7 miles long with 125 miles of shoreline, Dog River is located on the northwest side of Mobile Bay. The bay is one of the largest watersheds in the North American continent and tidally influences Dog River, making our ‘river’ an estuary that plays a critical role in the health and success of all aquatic life for the bay, the Gulf of Mexico and beyond. Our waters and lives are connected by tides, wind, development, and lifestyle. Even if you don’t live on the river, you still live in its watershed since all the surrounding land drains rain and water downhill to the nearest tributary. For Dog River, the watershed covers 95-square-miles and contains many tributary creeks and streams. Most of the watershed is urbanized, meaning the land has changed from forested to paved surfaces which increases the amount of polluted water entering the river, then the bay and eventually the Gulf of Mexico. If you live in Mobile, AL, you live close to the water! 60% of Dog River Watershed is located within the City of Mobile. 40% is located in Mobile County. All storm drains feeding the watershed are unfiltered. Everything that goes into the drain winds up in the water - litter, automobile fluids, animal and yard waste - everything. For 25 years, the mission of Dog River Clearwater Revival is to create an environment where families, children, citizens, workers, and visitors work and play in a clean, safe, and accessible Dog River Watershed. We work to educate all citizens about their impact on the Dog River watershed and to empower people to take positive action through stewardship, volunteerism, and community leadership. Do Some Good How to donate, volunteer and get involved - Go to Contact Us 251-377-4485 Dog River Clearwater Revival PO Box 161523, Mobile, AL 36616 Executive Director - Debi Foster @DogRiverClearwaterRevival 12 Get out and #DoSomeGood in 2020! Our Upcoming Events • 6th Annual Dog River Mud Bottom Revival Music Festival Sunday, April 26th, 2020 • 10th Annual Great Drift paddle Saturday, April 18, 2020 • Coastal Cleanup - Saturday, September 19, 2020 • 10th Annual Fishing Tournament Saturday, October 3, 2020 • Ghost Chase & Goblin Gallop Saturday, October 24, 2020