The Missouri Reader WINTER ISSUE Vol. 44, Issue 1 - Page 41


Classroom Close Up

An Interview with Eric Litwin

conducted by

Young Fans of Eric

I started adding music and movement to engage children, then they started to read and comprehend

engagement event – math, science, multicultural, or more! The books could also be added to any school event like Meet the Teacher, Open House, sports’ activities, or Parent-Teacher Conferences.

Every grant has its own requirements, deadlines, and parameters, but there are quite a few grants out there for educators looking to improve their classroom. Here are a few sites to check out for possible grants:




No matter what route you take, just remember to keep the end goal in mind of supplying families with high quality books. Also, be kind to yourself. Any gain you can make in the arena of families getting books is a great one. Don’t expect to do everything all at once. Finally, remember to enjoy the adventure of supplying families with books! It is such a rewarding endeavor.


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Maria Kaufman has been living her dream of teaching children for sixteen years. As a student in the Improving English Language Teaching in the Ozarks (iELT-Ozarks) Project, Maria earned her master's degree at MSU.SHe teaches at Wilder Elementary School in the Springfield R12 District.