The Missouri Reader WINTER ISSUE Vol. 44, Issue 1 - Page 38


So, I have given you some of the highlights I gave to the beginning teachers last week. I also let them know that over the Christmas break I plan to add a page to my blog with overviews of what can be found on websites of various literacy leaders and links to those websites. I hope to include Burkins, Shanahan, Rasinski, and others. In 2021, I am lining up video interviews of many literacy leaders to tell you about their approaches to literacy. I’m including folks from the United States and I have even arranged to interview two different educators from Australia who have some very some unique and interesting ideas about how to teach literacy.

So, until next time- Happy Reading and Writing!

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As you know, Dr. Sam is currently the Chairman of MLA and Co-Editor of The Missouri Reader. Here are some links to other blogs Dr. Sam has written. One of them tells about how to use Language Experience to scaffold children into writing their own stories. Another is his introductory blog about using Doc Cams. Finally, one of them is a summary statement about his centrist views. His basic premise is that instead of jumping from one extreme to another (the infamous swinging pendulam) we should for the first time in the history of reading try stopping at the center making use of ideas from all sides. Dr. Sam posts a new blog every Saturday morning.