The Missouri Reader WINTER ISSUE Vol. 44, Issue 1 - Page 35


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The table below shows the comparison of data from pre-assessment to post-assessment.

Table Five

In order to ensure that instructional time is wisely used to meet the learning requirements of students, upper elementary instruction needs two components: effective teachers and a clearly articulated daily literacy block along with literacy embedded within the content areas.

Resourceful Research

Another thing I recommended to them was to include more student talk and less teacher talk in all their distance learning lessons. Recommending this practice is based both on the ideas of Burkins and Yaris and is also a recurring theme in many current resource books about distance learning.

I let them know that all these resource books are readily available through any of the many services that sell books online. In my own work I have found Ziemkeā€™s book exceptionally useful (see Sara Valter's article on page 7). I also plan to let parents of my students know about the new distance learning playbook for parents.