The Missouri Reader WINTER ISSUE Vol. 44, Issue 1 - Page 34





I talked to the teachers about how I use my distance learning tools. I push into 2nd and 3rd grade classrooms using Zoom. The school in which I volunteer for two full days a week has a blended program. Most students come face to face. A few of the school’s students get all of their classes through virtual learning. I help with both.

Notice how my finger appears in the live shot as I move the magnetic letter. I can also write things on the white board in real time.

At my school I use many of Dr. Tim Rasinski’s materials, such as word ladders and activities around prefixes, suffixes, and roots. All this fits into the category of using orthographic information as part of their word work. Here are two sheets from Dr. Rasinski from Veteran’s Day. I let the teachers attending my BTAP session know that if they follow Dr. Rasinski on twitter (@timrasinski), he gives away samples of his activity sheets three times a week. That is where I got these Veteran’s Day activities.