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In my perspective, multicultural education should not focus only on minorities. All students are equally important, although different ...

Implementing Distance Learning:

Some Advice Given to St. Louis Area Beginning Teachers


Sam Bommarito

Cinnamon Skin: Using Children’s Literature for Multicultural Education


Teri Pardue

One teacher on-line reported she created a stack of textbooks and sandwiched her I-phone in near the top of the stack. That meant her smartphone doc cam holder was completely free. One can also buy and use a regular doc cam.

A second piece of advice I gave to them was to learn about all the different forms of phonics and to include phonics instruction as part of their daily routines in the early grades. They should also remember to include other forms of word work in the later grades. I gave them a link to download this ILA Literacy Leadership Brief which explains the various approaches to phonics: