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Special Section: Adapting to the New Normal: Distance Learning in 2020

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Classroom Connections

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Content Area: Mathical Books


Special Section: How Educators Have Adapted to the New Normal: Distance Learning in 2020

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Collaboration Section

Social Media Messages

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Adjusting to the Pandemic: Instructional Changes During an Extraordinary Global Challenge

Annemarie Jay and Harry Mercurio

This article highlights successes elementary teachers have had during the pandemic’s remote learning situations.

Combat Stress with H.O.P.E.

Julie Bryant and Rachel Wadlow

Choose to think and talk with hopeful expectation that things are going to be okay and we are going to make it through this.

Creating a Positive Virtual Learning Environment: What Really Works?

Julie A. Hentges and Kristina Schuler

Discover easy to use apps that will help to create a positive virtual learning environment and engage students in the learning without causing them to be overwhelmed by the process.


Five Tips for Community Building in a Distance Learning Classroom

Angela Danley

This article provides five tips for building a classroom community in the distance learning setting with suggestions on how to use them in elementary - high school settings.

Book Talk Vlogs Bring Passion to Reading

Madeline Saville

Learn how to use vlogs to get students more invested in what they are reading. and really engage them and create excitement around reading.

Implementing Distance Learning

Sam Bommarito

Dr Sam shares tips he gave beginning teachers in St. Louis on how to effectively implement distance learning.

Families and Reading: One Step Forward

Maria Kaufman

Get ideas to promote reading at home and help teachers and families collaborate on essential strategies for student achievement.


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