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Indian No More

by Charlene Willing McManis with Traci Sorell

Grade Level: 3rd-8th

Lexile Level: 720

Genre: Historical Fiction

Publisher: Lee & Low

Identity is at the core of who we are as human beings, yet for Regina a significant part of her identity is thrown into turmoil almost overnight when her Umpqua reservation is closed by the United States government and she becomes “Indian no more.” Her family, forced to relocate to Los Angeles, finds itself in a new world of public school, job searches, unfamiliar holidays, and a diverse group of new friends. Her days are filled with moments of unexpected bias, both intentional and unconscious, as she and her family work to assimilate into the American culture of 1950s California while also holding on to their heritage and their history. As she navigates through a series of firsts--first day of school, first Halloween, first Thanksgiving stereotypically cast in the schoolwide play as an Indian--Regina grapples with the question: Am I still an Indian? It is only when her family must confront unexpected tragedy that she realizes the past is always part of who you are--and so is your present.

This book has rightfully earned its place of honor as a 2020 Global Read Aloud nominee. Regina’s story will captivate young readers as they, too, reflect on identity and finding a place in the world. Perfect as either a read aloud or book club novel, Indian No More is a story about change, resilience, and the value of your heritage and family.

Sarah Valter

Read the World:

Rethinking Literacy for Empathy and Action in a Digital Age

by Kristin Ziemke and Katie Muhtaris

Publisher: Heinemann

Date of Publication: 2020

Audience: Teachers (Professional Development)

Teachers in today’s world are called to do more than instill knowledge and a love for learning within our students. Within the walls of our classroom, we seek to support students on a daily basis in knowing and understanding themselves, their peers, and the world around them. This mission is the focus of the outstanding new professional text Read the World: Rethinking Literacy for Empathy and Action in a Digital Age. Between the covers of this book, teachers Kristin Ziemke and Katie Muhtaris explore what it means to teach in the age of connectivity and collaboration. The book has both a solid philosophical foundation and a wide range of lesson ideas, the perfect balance of pedagogy and practice.

Missouri Literacy Association is excited to announce that Read the World will be our inaugural book study text during the summer of 2020. Join us for discussion, collaboration, and connection with teachers from across the state. Details will be shared on the website and Facebook group soon!

Sarah Valter