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Book Reviews by invited author Sarah Valter p. 50


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Collaboration Connections

Classroom Connections

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Content Area: Mathical Books


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The Magical Kingdom of Mathical Books: An Introduction for Teachers

B. J. Boulware and Eula Monroe

Discover the magical kingdom of Mathical Award Prize books featuring fiction and nonfiction trade books that support mathematical literacy.

Writing Workshop: A Chance for Literacy to Come Alive

William Kerns and Amanda McCaleb

Refine your writing workshop with this article that provides a brief overview of instructional methods involved in the implementation of a writing workshop and some new ideas to keep it fresh and effective.

Who is Teaching Whom? Empowering Students to Think

for Themselves

Natalie Tye

Create a classroom environment that stimulates children as well as the teacher through ongoing, investigative learning with a combination of strategies and supports.

Cinnamon Skin: Using Children’s Literature for Multicultural Education

Teri Pardue

Children are aware of the differences between people’s skin colors and physical traits from a very young age, adults can make a huge difference by knowing how to respond. This article suggests supportive responses and literature.

Developing Critical Global Literacy through Class Discussions of Literature

Shea Kerkhoff

Building students’ cultural and intercultural competency creates a foundation to build critical and global competence for productive conversations in the classroom around social and political global issues.

p. 5

The Multisensory Experiences Improve Writing Proficiency

Emily Ward and Denise Mounts

See how an action research project resulted in intervention using multisensory experiences beneficial for first-grade students.

Implementing Co-Teaching with a Reading Specialist

Nichole Dickinson

Explore how co-teaching allows teachers to adequately meet the diverse needs of the students in the classroom and provides methods of effectively implementing co-teaching.


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