The Missouri Reader Vol. 43, Issue 2 - Page 25




Ann Powell-Brown

The Black and White of Using Diverse Literature

Anita Lael

Reading Aloud to Children: Introducing a Love for Poetry


Literacy is a Family Affair: Introducing a Love for Poetry


William Kerns and Betty Porter Wall

William Kearns and Betty Porter Walls

William Kerns and Betty Porter Wall


William Kerns and Betty Porter Wall

involved with training teachers for PreK-12 classrooms




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Dr. Beverly Joan Boulware is a Professor of Literacy Education at Middle Tennessee State University. She conducts research in the effectiveness

of strategic interventions to enable early and elementary learners build comprehension of print materials. She has published articles in The Reading Teacher, and Reading and Writing Quarterly.

Dr. Eula Ewing Monroe, classroom teacher, teacher educator, and volunteer mathematics educator, is Professor Emeritus of Western Kentucky University and Brigham Young University. She writes and

consults on literacy-mathematics relationships, recently serving as co-editor for Deepening Student's Mathematical Understanding with Children's Literature (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 2018).