The Missouri Reader Vol. 43, Issue 2 - Page 21


A different type of bird is featured in Hawk Mother: The Story of a Red-Tailed Hawk who Hatched Chickens b






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Neha Anand is a Ph.D. student in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on STEM and Urban Education at the University of Houston and is currently working as a Teaching Assistant for Undergraduates with Elementary Science Teachers in Teacher and Teaching Education Program.

Neha has also worked as a Research Assistant in NSF Noyce Grant with the in-service STEM teachers of high needs school.

Dr. Bulent Dogan is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Instructional Technology at the College of Education, the University of Houston (UH), Houston, TX. Dr. Dogan has experience in public-school teaching and school administration experience as

a principal, head principal, and superintendent in STEM-focused and high-performing Title-I public schools. Dr. Dogan’s research interests include STEM instructional projects, social media in education, educational uses of digital storytelling, teaching emerging technologies including 3D Printing, Programming/ Coding, Mobile App Development, and Robotics to youth.