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To the membership of the Missouri Literacy Association,

There was both sadness and joy in my heart as we prepared this issue of The Missouri Reader. Sadness because the literacy world lost such an important figure, and we all lost a very dear and dedicated friend. The depth of feelings for Linda Dorn was amazing. The In Memoriam blog post from Bill Kerns and Glenda had over 6000 views. Linda was a friend to all and an inspiration to a whole generation of educators. I feel joy because I know there are so many of you out there dedicated to her mission of helping kids. Her story is far from over, it is just beginning.

To that end look at page 23 of this issue (GO TO 23). There you will find a link to the historic session on comprehension led by PD Pearson and Nell Duke at the ILA convention in New Orleans this year. It was entitled: What Research Says About Reading- and Why That Still Matters. In it you will find valuable information about the how and why of teaching reading. It is information provided by some of the top experts in the literacy field today. It is imperative that we all take a long hard look at the research so that it can inform our practice. I think it is safe to say that that is something Linda always did.

As her many friends and colleagues talked about her and the things she said, this is the one quote that seemed to come up again and again. Please have a look:

Teachers must hold a flexible theory-one that can be reshaped and refined according to what children are showing us as they engage in the process of learning.

- Linda Dorn in Shaping Literate Minds

Let us all strive to become the teacher that Linda visioned us to be. Let us be informed, caring and most of all skilled in the craft of teaching. In doing that we can do so much more than just solve the “literacy crisis”. We can help create a world where the next generation of children can become the lifelong readers and writers that the we so desperately need.

Happy Reading and Writing.

Dr. Sam Bommarito

President of the Missouri Literacy Association

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