The Missouri Reader Vol. 42, Issue 2 | Page 35


Jennifer Serrvallo’s other interview- link to The Missouri Reader article On Understanding Texts and Readers (Use link then click on the article title on the cover page of the journal to go to article)

One More Thing: A Message from Dr. Sam

There is a public group on Facebook called The Reading and Writing Strategies Community. When I wrote a review of Jennifer’s Strategy book for The Missouri Reader ( pg 42), it had over 20,000 members. Now the group has over 50,000 members. Brett Whitmarsh and other Heinemann staff do an amazing job of running this site. Whenever I talk or write about useful resources on the internet I always mention this site as one that is the most helpful for classroom teachers. I characterize it as the worlds largest teacher’s lounge. Teacher’s come to it to ask questions and get answers about literacy issues. For instance, one recent question asked “Any suggestions on High Interest, Low Readability texts? We have a large population of older students who need interesting books at their level. Thanks!” I often see questions like “What do you think of the “xxx” program, or I left my manual for “yyy” at home, what does it say to do for the “zzzz” activity?” That second group of questions demonstrates teachers expect and get real time answers to their questions. So if you have more questions about Jennifer and her work or nuts and bolts questions about your literacy lessons, visit the Facebook page, The Reading and Writing Strategies Community.

To access Jennifer's podcasts about her various books click the following link: