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Sam Bommarito, Ed.D.

Jennings Schools (retired)

Volume 42, Issue 2

Spring 2019


Glenda Nugent M.Ed.

Little Rock Schools (retired)


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The Missouri Reader

Vol. 42, Issue 2

Editorial Board 2018-2019

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University of Arkansas

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Fordham University

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University of Missouri

Cynthia Hail Wilson, Ph.D. Missouri State University

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SPECIAL SECTION: Poetry, a Path to Literacy

Poetry, The Game Changer-David Harrison

Missouri poet David Harrison’s feature article reinforces poetry’s

effectiveness as a teaching tool as established by research and


How Songs and Poems Help Your Children Learn To Read!-Eric Litwin

Children’s author Eric Litwin shares his favorite connections

between songs, poems, and learning to read. And they are FUN!

Poetry Across the Curriculum:

An Approach for Learning Vocabulary and Content-Mary Jo Fresch

Engage your students and make lasting memories by pulling poetry

into your content areas with these ideas!

Today, Choose Joy: Joyfulness in Fluent Reading

Melissa Cheesman SmithThe co-author of The Megabook of Fluency

discusses the relationship between joy and fluency in reading.

Literacy is a Family Affair: Introducing a Love for Poetry-

William Kerns and Betty Porter Walls

The authors of this article, teacher educators who have joined preservice teachers and parents in shared literacy experiences with children that include read-aloud of poetry and prose, share ideas that involve the community.

Nine Reasons Why I Like Poetry (and Song) for Teaching Reading

Timothy Rasinski

(SIDEBAR: WORD LADDER) Well-known literacy expert,

Timothy Rasinski, shares several reasons why poetry should be at

the heart of instruction for younger and struggling readers.

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Keys to Reading Success-Jamie Bendorf

Read about strategies at home and a positive attitude toward reading that are two key contributing factors to reading success.