The Missouri Reader Vol. 42, Issue 2 | Page 17



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Dr. Mary Jo Fresch is Professor Emerita from the Department of Teaching and Learning at The Ohio State University. She is currently a Faculty Fellow

in the University Institute for Teaching and Learning where she oversseesa a new faculty

mentoring program. She has written over 60 articles that appear in professional journals such as Language Arts, Journal of Literacy Research, The Reading Teacher, Reading and Writing Quarterly and Reading Psychology. She has authored/co-authored 19 books for teachers including Effective Strategies for Balanced Literacy, 7 Keys to Research for Writing Success, The Power of Picture Book, Playing with Poetry (a 5-book series of phonemic and phonological awareness), and Engaging Minds in the English Language Arts Classroom: The Surprising Power of Joy. She blogs at and her current books are available at


All the books below were written by Mary Jo & /OR Tim R. They provide materials for both younger & older chidren designed to teach various skills/strategies using poetry.


Mary Jo's book on balanced literacy.