The Missouri Reader Vol. 42, Issue 1 - Page 38

By: Brooke Hult




An Interview with Eric Litwin

conducted by

Young Fans of Eric

As a preview to the January special issue of The Missouri Reader, “Poetry – a Pathway to Literacy,” author Eric Litwin agreed to answer some questions submitted by his young fans at Bowles Elementary School in the Rockwood (Missouri) School District. Here are the questions from the students and his responses:

Why did you decide to become an author?

I felt like the kids in my class needed tools other than sounding out and recognizing words in order to learn to read. I started adding music and movement to engage children, then they started to read and comprehend. I was making learning to read more engaging and compelling by adding music and movement. This appeals to the kinetic strength of learners. Not all children are visual learners.

How long does it take to publish a book?

It took me anywhere from one-three years to write a book. I tell my story in front of a live audience until it is perfect and then write it.

What is your favorite book you have written, and why?

Each book I write is different and I love them all. I don’t really have a favorite.

How did you come up with the idea for Pete the Cat?

I wrote the first four Pete the Cat books. Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes. This story behind that is this. I wrote a story called the little girl and her white Shoes, and that story was changed to become Pete the cat I love my white shoes..”

How did you come up with the idea for the Nut Family?

The Nut Family reminds me of every family I have ever known – a little nutty and they stick together.


(students from the Bowles Elementary School

in the Rockwood <Missouri> School District)

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