The Missouri Reader Vol. 41, Issue 1

Mary Casanova Shares the Scoop about Collaborating with Illustrator Ard Hoyt

Comics and Graphic Novels in the Classroom

IRA Conference Memories and Dreams


Missouri Reader

Vol. 41 / Issue 1

A publication of the Missouri State Council


he Missouri State

Fall 2017


Accountable Talk


David L. HarrisonFor the Fun of It


David Harrison- For the Fun of It

In this issue:

Preschool Parent Partnership: What About Disciplinary Literacy?

Julie Hentges

Accountable Talk

Disciplinary Literacy: The Basics

Timothy Shanahan

Accountable Talk

FALL 2017

Themed Issue

Disciplinary Literacy


David L. HarrisonFor the Fun of It


Student introducing to the class a book that represents her cultural background. It was a gift from her grandfather.

Preparing Our Youngest Learners to

Develop Disciplinary Literacy Skills

Jennifer Altieri

Accountable Talk

Motivating Children

to Read

Accountable Talk

Before They Write: Topic, Presearch, and Research

Mary Jo Fresch and David L. Harrison

Accountable Talk

Linking Science and Literacy in the Show-Me State: Introducing the 2017 Missouri Science Trade book Annual Reading (MO-STAR) List

Jennifer Fox, Joyce Gulley, and Jeff Thomas