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GETTING TO BETTER KNOW THE MEMBERS OF THE ACADEMY DR. GORDON PAYNE CHIEF EXAMINER IN PAEDIATRIC DENTISTRY FOR THE RCDC Why did you choose to specialize in pediatric dentistry? It was really a twist of fate. I always liked kids, but my experiences in the undergraduate children’s clinic were less than stellar. I was caught off guard one day when phoned by Dr. John McComb, who informed me that I had been accepted as an intern at both Toronto Western and Sick Kids Hospitals, and that I had to make a decision on the spot. I chose Sick Kids based on how nice my interviewers were! The rest is history. Where did you do your training? After delivering the 34th Annual Feasby Lecture at Western University (November 2016) - A career highlight. My first degree was in Pharmacology and Toxicology at Western. I stayed on at Western to get my DDS, in 1986. I then interned at The Hospital for Sick Children. After some time in general practice, I went back to school, at U of T this time. I completed my Diploma in Pediatric Dentistry in 1990 and my Master of Science in 1992. What do you enjoy the most about your job? The kids, of course! I love working with children – they are my fountain of youth. What do you find most challenging? Like most Paediatric Dentists, I find dealing with some parents to be a challenge. I have yet to turn a parent from the Dark Side who read bad things about fluoride on the internet. What is the most misunderstood aspect about Pediatric Dentistry? Basic behaviour management skills! Parents don’t realize it and many dentists don’t either. A great Paediatric Dentist relies more on behaviour management techniques than sedation. Hiking up the trail to the extinct volcano at Diamond Head State Monument near Waikiki Beach, Hawaii while attending the AAPD conference (May 2018).