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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Happy late Fall and early Winter everyone! I can’t believe that it’s already Decemberr!!! “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” — Buddha Accept and appreciate the Past… Good or bad, each of our life experiences have taught us invaluable life lessons. Remembrance Day marked 100 years since the end of World War 1 and I, especially as an immigrant, am so grateful just to be here in Canada And if being a proud Canadians wasn’t enough, I feel so blessed and privileged to be a member of our wonderful profession and specialty that allows us to help and take care of children, our future. We are so fortunate! Embrace the Future… Although Ottawa was not that long ago, I am excitedly anticipating Whistler in September 2020. Over the next year, we will hopefully have more clarity on the AAPD joint membership situation. Thank you to all who responded to our recent e-mail request for input. I’m hopeful of a “win-win” outcome, as I personally plan to attend the Annual Session in Nashville in May 2020 and the joint CE course with the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh in September 2020. More importantly perhaps is the AAPD’s planned joint sectional meeting with our Annual Conference in Montreal in September 2021 and the 2024 AAPD Annual Session already scheduled for Toronto. This is going to be great! All of this teamwork and collaboration will ensure a strong CAPD/ACPD-AAPD relationship in the future and beyond. Wow! Be mindful and live in the Present… I hope you have all read and reviewed the AGM Minutes online ( The Scientific Committee continues to work hard with the RCDC examination group and CPS-Oral Health Section remains an ongoing priority in our efforts to liaise with our medical colleagues. As Christmas is around the corner (except it came to Costco weeks ago!) and whether you celebrate or not, I hope everyone takes time to recognize the here and now and appreciate everything that we have. For me, the New Year represents an opportunity to make resolutions for better year ahead. They say hindsight is 20/20, but this will be the one and only year that when we look forward, it will be “20-20”…everyday, all year! Pun intended.  Pre-Registered for Whistler 2020 ensures your accommodations at the beautiful Westin Resort & Spa, ( Please consider registering before January 2020, when general Registration opens. Wishing everyone great health, happiness and love! Sincerely, Ray