The Mirror, December 2019 The Mirror December 9, Rev Dec 9 - Page 17

Dr. Anita Gärtner Cont’d Why is Whistler a great location for the Annual Conference? Whistler has been touted as Canada’s premier 4-season mountain destination. It is a short distance from Vancouver and offers a pedestrian village, restaurants, skiing, biking, hiking, bars and spas to mention only a few activities. Why should members who have never attended an Annual Conference come to Whistler? The most obvious is that Whistler is a beautiful destination. But the most important reason is to connect with your colleagues. Since I was educated in the U.S. I did not have any strong connection to CAPD/ACDP. However I have grown to see the value of a national organization that is not too big, where I can meet almost all its members and where I can make a difference. In general, why do you volunteer? My biggest mentor for volunteerism was my dad – he was an active Lion’s Club member. I began my volunteerism in dentistry as a way to give back to the profession. As a result I have fostered many relationships will colleagues of many walks of life. In a small way I can make a difference and be held accountable instead of sitting on the side-lines. Are you involved in other volunteer positions other than those with the CAPD/ACDP? Yes I am. I have been involved in pediatric study clubs both in Canada and Washington. I am on the board of directors at the BCDA and I’ve been on College committees. In the past I have taught at both UBC and UW. What is your message to Pediatric Dentists about the value of volunteering? I think many of us begin volunteering because someone asked. In a humble way it’s an honour to think you can add value to something. But what really happens is that you receive so much more value back from listening, learning and working with your colleagues- in essence it enriches your life. It is not the practice, house, car or any other possession that can enrich your life as much as the quality of relationships that you foster. Promoting Whistler with Dr. Wendy Tang at the Annual Conference in Ottawa