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IN MEMORIAM Dr. Gordon Nikiforuk was dean at the University of Toronto during a period that many feel was a golden age in dentistry and a significant growth period for pediatric dentistry in Canada. As dean at the largest dental school in Canada, he played a central role in our education. We saw him frequently in the halls, clinics and classrooms; and if we went somewhat astray in our path, his gentle guiding hand and voice were there to bring us back. Two experiences come to mind. The class of ‘75 was somewhat “energetic”; Some were anxious to test the boundaries. When we thought it reasonable to “drink the Village House dry”, and ended with a photo on page 2 of the local newspaper, Dean Nikiforuk might well have exacted a harsh penalty from the offenders. But rather, he saw this as a teaching moment with firm but even-tempered words. When the dental students sought to run a dental clinic in the Alexandra Park community as part of a community health facility run by students in medicine, dentistry, nursing and pharmacy, the dean was nothing but encouraging and facilitating of faculty and students to collaborate on this worthwhile and life-altering project. For me personally, when presented with a patient with a significant genetic condition and dental complications, Gordon Nikiforuk, expert in the intricacies of that condition, sat down with me, a simple undergraduate dental student, and showed me what I was capable of. -Dr. Ian MacConnachie Contacting CAPD/ACDP is even easier! Dr. Raymond Lee, President Dr. Jennifer MacLellan, Vice President Dr. Gregory Westman, Secretary/Treasurer Dr. Paul Andrews, Immediate Past President Dr. Robert Barsky, Parliamentarian Dr. Ross Anderson, Executive Director Claire D’Amour, Executive Secretary Steve Gillick, Director of Operations [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]