The Mirror, December 15 2015 Vol1 - Page 10

CAPD/ACDP Committees and Association Liaisons Working to Enhance Membership Value CAPD/ACPD has a number of standing Committees as well as appointed liaisons with other dental and industry associations, each with specific responsibilities in the service of CAPD/ACDP members. We feel that it is important for you to know that your Executive and Volunteers are actively engaged in the industry and looking out for your interests on both the domestic and international scene. Membership involvement is the hallmark of our Academy. If you are interested in serving on one of the committees, please contact the respective Chair or send an email to [email protected] Committees Executive Membership Finance Nominating Scientific Chairperson and Members Chair: PresidentDr. Patrick Canonne. Members are Elected Officers including the Vice President, Dr. Paul Andrews, SecretaryTreasurer Dr. Raymond Lee and Past President, Dr. Michal Goralski. The EC may request advice from the Executive Director, Parliamentarian, RCDC Councillor for Pediatric Dentistry liaison to CAPD/ACDP, and other individuals as required. Chair: Vice PresidentDr. Paul Andrews Members – Drs. Raymond Lee, John Wiles, Michal Goralski and other individuals as required. Chair: Secretary-TreasurerDr. Raymond Lee Members- Vice President and Dr. Ian McConnachie Chair: Past PresidentDr. Michal Goralski Members-President, Vice President and SecretaryTreasurer Chair: Dr. Elsa Hui-Derksen Members: Drs. Sonia Chung, Irwin Freid, Phu-My Gep, Choo-Kar Kua, Charles Lekic, Regina Revuelta, Trang Nguyen Purpose The Executive Committee shall be the managing body and shall constitute the Board of Directors of the Academy vested with full power to conduct the business of the Academy. It shall have the power to establish rules and regulations consistent with these By-Laws and to establish ad-interim policies and guidelines between Annual General Meetings when such policies and guidelines are necessary for the management of the Academy provided that all policies are presented to the General Assembly for ratification at the next Annual General Meeting of the Academy. Consider matters related to the interests and well-being of the members and promote membership in the Academy. Prepare an annual budget for submission to the Executive Committee, and investigate and report on financial matters. Nominate line officer positions from the active and honorary membership. Purpose of the Scientific Committee: Organize the Graduate Student Scientific Session at annual meetings.  Assist in the process of selection of topics and or themes in conjunction with annual scientific meetings.