The Mirror, December 15 2015 Vol1 | Page 4

3M Oral Care – CAPD/ACDP Graduate Student Awards Six Students presented abstracts at the 2015 Annual Meeting. The judges, chaired by Scientific Committee Chair Dr. Elsa Hui-Derksen, selected the winner of the annual 3M Oral Care-CAPD/ACDP Graduate Student Award. Congratulations to Dr. Molly Ehrlich, the 2015 Award Recipient. CAPD/ACDP would like to thank all the students who submitted abstracts for consideration and congratulate the students who were selected to present their research in Halifax. Dr. Mark Berscheid, Investigation of Accessory Canals in Primary Molars: A Micro-Computed Tomography Study. Dr. Leena Chohan, Survey of Professional Burnout and Depression among Pediatric Dentists in the United States. Dr. Molly Ehrlich, Trends in Caries-Related Emergency Visits to a Paediatric Hospital. Dr. Ehrlich received the 3M Oral Care-CAPD/ACDP Graduate Student Award of $1000 for her presentation as well as a full introductory kit of 3M Stainless Steel primary crowns. Dr. Jennifer Park, The "W5" of Pediatric Hospital Dental Emergencies: A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis. Dr. Alison Sigal, A Retrospective Study of Stainless Steel ɽݹ́