The Mind Museum Mail 2017 Issue No. 1

2017 ISSUE No. 1 THE CHRONICLES OF THE CLUMSY CURATOR Young Blood Hooray for the in the Museum by Maria Isabel Garcia, Curator W e constantly get fresh blood in the museum all year long. This is thanks to the interns who come and stay to help us with making science come alive for our guests. They come from various colleges and universities, and they come to our doors, so open to learn for a good stretch of time, what goes on in this spaceship we call our “work home.” This issue focuses on the interns we have now and have had in the museum even before the construction was completed in 2011. Interns have helped us with documentation and research as far back as 2009. And now, at any day in the museum, you see them carrying basins or some weird gadget to do a show, engaged in a thoughtful and funny discussion with a Mind Mover, or doing research to strengthen the content of the show they are about to do for guests. They are constantly guided by our Mind Movers, giving them the training they need so they can transform the otherwise cold science they know to the hot passionate presentation it could be for an audience composed of kids aged 2-102. Training interns is one of the ways that The Mind Museum moves minds for a span of time that is long enough for us to be made aware of our impact. At the end of their stint, they give us a reflection paper on what they have experienced as interns in the museum. Some of the top things that never fail to move me is when an intern tells us that it is in being an intern where s/he has fallen in love with science for the first time or when they say that they have learned more stuff in a few weeks of being an intern than from an entire class semester. When we in the staff, get to read their reflections, you will each hear us say “Aww,” and we all feel so grateful that, among their other choices, they chose the museum to receive the generosity of their time and energy. Most of them love science to begin with but what we do is infect these young blood with the passion to communicate and to share their science. Igniting passions within these young people will not just make science come alive, it will make it move! 1